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MAGNUSSEN - “Mycroft’s pressure point is his junkie detective brother, Sherlock

Wat will you give me? - cm
My brother - sh

an eventful birthday  

this is for fakedeaded birthday :D

30 Days of Sherlock

Day 19 — Favourite Sherlock actor Martin Freeman
John Watson - [smashes his fist against the table] Two years… [Breathing deeply to calm himself; struggling to find the words] Two years. I thought…I thought you were dead. Hm? Now you let me grieve. Hm? How could you do that?


..the odds are stacked incomprehensibly against us.. - SH
But it’s Christmas! - JW
I feel the same… Oh, you mean it’s actually Christmas SH


That wasn´t cool, Lestrade!

MYCROFT : Also, your loss would break my heart.


Sherlock: But what about us?
John: We’ll always have Bakerstreet. We didn’t have, we, we lost it until you came Back. We got it back last night.

30 Days of Sherlock

Day 18 — Favourite canon reference/in joke
John Watson - Not very good at deductions

- I´m not lonely, Sherlock! - mh
- How would you know? - sh

Mycroft Holmes: We have solid information. An attack is coming.

Sherlock Holmes: Solid information. A secret terrorist organization’s planning an attack. That’s what secret terrorist organizations do, isn’t it? It’s their version of golf.